Pizzeria Vetri in King of Prussia Reopens Tomorrow

Here's what you'll be eating.

Pizzeria Vetri/Official

Pizzeria Vetri/Official

After a short hiatus to overhaul the menu and make way for a new wood-fire oven, Marc Vetri and his cronies will reopen the King of Prussia Mall’s Pizzeria Vetri location this weekend — Saturday, April 1st.

Just like he promised, Roman-style pizza al taglio out, Neapolitan in. Plus, rotolos.

The menu is pretty identical to your average Pizzeria Vetri menu — a large selection of round, fire-blistered pizzas, calzones, salads and nutella pie — but gets the little added bump of rotolo-love. Instead of just the original mortadella-pistachio version, the KOP location has two more at-the-ready: the Calabrese with pepperoni, cheese and chili, and the Funghi with creminis, mozzarella and basil pesto.

Everything else is as you’d imagine:

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