Black Metal Vegan Pizza

The best food thing you will see all day.

See that? That’s a lovely picture of the interior of Miss Rachel’s Pantry, the vegetarian and vegan-friendly market and restaurant on Chadwick Street, just off Passyunk Avenue. It’s a cute spot. The kind of place where they love vegetables, gentle kittens, casseroles and farmhouse decor.

And also, apparently, Death Metal.

Check out the Pantry’s latest Instagram post after the jump. I promise you it will be the best food thing you see all day.

Yeah, that’s right: Black Metal Vegan Pizza, motherf#@&ers! It’s made with activated charcoal worked into the crust, topped with black garlic marinara, black ricotta cream sauce, opal basil, a pounding bass line, screaming guitars, the howl of a thousand tortured souls, and ten gallons of awesome. Also, beet pepperoni.

I can not tell you how much I love this (and those hashtags).

Miss Rachel’s Pantry [Instagram]