Honeygrow Launches Their Spring Menu and a New Juice Line

Just getting you ready for the sunshine ahead.

At this point, I think we have to accept that the cold and snow are pretty much done. And with today’s weather (even after yesterday’s rain), it certainly feels like spring might actually be arriving for real.

Which is why all Honeygrow locations will be rolling out their new spring menus next week (on April 4 officially). And why they’ve already decided to launch their new line of juices.

The menu is getting some spring additions, like white bean tuna with red wine dijon vinaigrette, romaine, organic arugula, tuna, hard-boiled egg, herbed white beans, grape tomatoes, pickled peppers and red onions. There will also be a new Thai bowl called “Spring Thai’m” (see what they did there?) with Thai chili lime vinaigrette, romaine, shrimp, snap peas, carrots, scallions, mint and fried shallots which, in addition to being healthy(ish), also sounds kind of delicious.

In the meantime, Honeygrow’s new cold-pressed, no-sugar-added juices are on sale right now in three varieties, at $6.45 a pop:

Green Is Good: apple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, basil
Better Off Red: watermelon, beet, lemon, raspberry
Orange You Thirsty: orange, carrot, lemon, ginger

Because nothing says summer is coming like the old-timey flavor of watermelons and beets.

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