Caviar Now Delivers In The Suburbs

Conshohocken and KOP just got added to the delivery service's coverage area.

So in addition to all the other good things happening out in the ‘burbs lately (like this place in Wayne blowing my mind, Mistral opening a KOP location and, well, all of this), last week Caviar announced that it was going to start offering its delivery service in Conshohocken and King of Prussia, with all of the Main Line and many of the larger suburbs now covered.

This is undeniably good news. It’s also one less reason Center City hipsters have for making fun of the ‘burbs. So if you live out there, here’s how all of this might affect you.

Caviar started covering the Main Line as its own delivery region back in December of 2016. The addition of KOP and Conshy? That came just last week, but is still lumped in under the “Main Line” region on the Caviar main page.

But this essentially means that the delivery service has added a bunch of new restaurants from the two new neighborhoods to their roster–making it possible to get pizzas from Nicoletta and Pizzeria Vetri, pasta from Ralph’s, falafel from the Halal Guys, sushi burritos from Hai Street, Krispy Kreme donuts and more, delivered right to your door.

And even better news? Because KOP and Conshohocken have been thrown in with the Main Line region, that means that while folks in Wayne can now get Pizzeria Vetri delivered, you newbies in Conshy can also order from Nectar, Savona, Sang Kee, White Dog and all the other Main Line restaurants that Caviar has deals with. So yeah, that means meats and cheeses from DiBruno Bros. in Ardmore, a spread of sushi from Teikoku and donuts, all without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Something to think about depending on how this whole snow emergency works out tomorrow, huh?

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