University City’s CoZara Decides it Wants to Test Your Liquor Tolerance

Enjoy a $35 (or $45) night full of Japanese snacks and bottomless beer, sake, wine, or cocktails.

Photo by Kyle Born

Photo by Kyle Born

Adding the words “all you can drink” to a University City restaurant menu is a bold move, but CoZara is, if nothing else, a bold endeavor for chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka, who opened what was essentially the city’s first modern izakaya between two college campuses.

But yes, “all you can drink” are words that exist on CoZara’s menu now, and the deal is actually pretty solid.

If you do izakayas the right way, you should leave full and drunk after a night of copious snacking and heavy drinking. Sake is choice (since izakaya literally translates to “i”–to stay–and “sakeya”–sake shop), and the snacks range from meat sticks to dumplings and noodles. CoZara usually goes a little further with a small ramen menu as well, plus a sushi bar.

And yesterday they launched this new, all-you-can-drink menu where $35 (per person) gets you an entire meal plus bottomless drinks. Pay $45 and you get even more food. And that is a great deal, all things considered–the only stipulation being that you’re sort of eating (and drinking) on a clock: 90 minutes.

But hey, that’s plenty of time to do some damage. Plus you don’t even have to think about ordering, just your choice of alcohol.

Basically, it’s an all-inclusive opportunity to enjoy an izakaya “the right way”. Here are the menus:

nomihoudai_menu copy

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