DanDan Bringing Szechuan-Taiwanese Fire to the Main Line

The couple behind Center City's hottest Chinese restaurant looks to Devon, PA for its next location.


Courtesy of DanDan

The Rittenhouse DanDan was an instant success. In just two years, owners Kevin and Catherina “Cat” Huang grew their first restaurant into the neighborhood’s premier spot for solid noodles and dumplings, giving 9-to-5ers and the happy hour hordes something to sweat about without having to leave the comfy confines of Center City.

Come April, Devon’s heat-seekers will receive the same treatment. 

Cat tells us that construction has begun in the Acme Plaza (214 Sugartown Road) where she and her husband are turning the old Ella’s American Bistro into a more ambitious, upscale rendition of DanDan — twice the size and complete with a private dining room and plenty of free parking.

And if their first location is any indication of what they’ll be cooking up on the Main Line, then Devoners should start gearing up for kick-ass dumplings in chili-oil, hot pots and pot stickers.

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