Pinefish is Doing a Winter Prix Fixe Lobster Menu

Lobster is always in season, so why not eat it now?


This has been a weird winter. You know what you should do to make yourself feel better? Eat lots of lobster.

And I’ve got just the place to do it.

Pinefish–that odd, colorful seafood restaurant opened last summer by Peter Dissin at the corner of 12th and Pine Streets–is a place that understands value. They’ve got a solid daily happy hour, dollar oysters, $5 martinis, a whole list of very affordable wines. And now guess what else they’re offering: A lobster prix fixe menu that’s a steal at $24.95 for three courses or $29.95 for four.

No, seriously. That’s three (or four) courses of lobster dishes for less than thirty bucks, including (unusually) a lobster creme brulee.

Don’t worry. We’ve got a picture.


And okay, that doesn’t show a lot. But Dissin has a few things to say about the dish (which is included on the four-course menu, or available a la carte for $8).

“Vanilla and lobster are considered a perfect pairing,” he says. “The sweetness of the lobster meat perfectly compliments the vanilla and caramelized sugar in the Crème Brûlée. The dish is incredibly decadent, and I’m excited to see our guests’ reactions.”

So yeah, it’s a creme brulee. Only with lobster. And what looks like a pastry top?

Anyway, here’s how the menu breaks down. The first course offers a choice between salad (boo) or a bowl of Lobster Bisque (yes). The second course features any vegetable on the menu, none of which are made of lobster, but some of which sound pretty tasty. The third course is where the action is, offering any of five different lobster-focused dishes, all of which feature over a pound of lobster meat.

The five dishes are Lobster Pot Pie, Vanilla Butter Poached Lobster, Lobster Tail with Truffled Popcorn, Lobster Fra Diavolo and Lobster Savannah which is served with a cream reduction, mushrooms, dry sherry, brandy and Parmigiano-Reggiano, and was apparently JFK’s favorite dinner.

Here’s a snap of the lobster with truffled popcorn.


And the fra diavolo.


Go for the four-course dinner and you’ll get the lobster creme brulee, too. Which, all things considered, might be worth it just to try.

Pinefish is open nightly at 4:30 for dinner. And the lobster prix fixe is available now.

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