Old City’s New Brunch Encourages Bad Behavior (Not Really)

If you like to day-drink, Wister BYOB welcomes you with open arms.

Generally speaking, Old City’s seen its fair share of misbehavior over the years, usually when the bars let out. Not so much during brunch, though.

And last week, Wister, the charming BYOB by ex-Lacroix morning sous Benjamin Moore, test-ran its new “Bad Behavior” brunch menu. What’s that mean, exactly? Moore said that he wanted to “get people drinking a bit to keep it lively!” So, to the Wister crew, “bad behavior” just means drinking more than you ought to, and — if nothing else — brunch is a perfectly acceptable time to do just that.

And here’s how they’ll help you along.

Bring a bottle of vodka (or, really, any liquor), and they’ve got mixers by the carafe. Fresh-squeezed juices, bloody marys, Moscow mules—the gamut. Bring plenty of it, and bring friends, and order the entire menu because it’s small. When Moore was at Lacroix, he was the guy running brunch, and, for those unaware, brunch is a big-freakin’-deal at Lacroix — legendary, even. Obviously, a small BYOB can’t compete with the size and breadth of luxury hotel menu — but the guy knows what he’s doing during the hours between 11 a.m and 3 p.m.

Here’s the menu: