High Street On Market is One of the Best Healthy(ish) Restaurants in America

At least according to Bon Appetit.

Those of us who know High Street on Market and eat there with any kind of regularity probably don’t exactly think of it as a health food restaurant. Because of, you know, all that bread (gluten), those tea cakes and apple fritters (sugar, butter, fat), and sandwiches like the Hickory Town (boloney, eggs, cheese, gherkin mayo, awesomeness).

But according to our friends over at BeWell Philly–and, more to the point, the crew at Bon Appetit’s new health-focused blog, Healthyish–High Street really is a healthy place to eat. Or, at least it’s not a not healthy place to eat. Or something.

See, here’s the thing. The list was put together by Bon App’s restaurant guy, Andrew Knowlton. And Knowlton has a very, uh, fluid definition of what counts as healthy for him. Dig it:

I’ll freely admit that my idea of a healthy restaurant is much different from, say, that of your average vegan yoga instructor or someone who builds his own salads for lunch: Every. Single. Day. But when you consider that, for much of the year, I’m professionally obligated to eat multiple lunches and multiple dinners daily for weeks at a time, well, a dozen oysters or a bowl of hummus with freshly baked pita sounds downright virtuous. Here are the places I go to get healthyish.

Now also being a man who eats for a living, I’m totally with Knowlton here. Any notion of “healthy” operates on a sliding spectrum when you’re putting down duck hearts and sea urchin, whiskey shots and a half-dozen tacos the night before. “Healthy” can just mean “NOT deep-fried Puerto Rican mashed potato balls“. And by that measure, absolutely. High Street is a very nearly ideal place at which to recharge and put yourself back together after a cheeseburger bender or some kind of all-night fried dumpling jag.

Anyway, Knowlton, in his wisdom, gives High Street proper respect for their gluten-filled bread, for their smoked bluefish bialy and the grilled broccoli salad (which I’ve never tried because, you know, salad), and names it as one of his 10 favorite “Healthyish” restaurants in America. You can check out the full list at the link below, and check out BeWell’s (somewhat suspect) post about the new honor bestowed on one of our best restaurants.

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