How to Super Bowl Like a Pro This Sunday

Sit back and relax while these Philly chefs do all of the cooking for you.

Revolution Taco/Official

Revolution Taco/Official

Maybe you’ve got the most incredible buffalo chicken dip recipe known to man, or maybe you enjoy grilling in the cold. Maybe you’re just some sort of crazed masochist who actually enjoys holing up in a kitchen while your friends and family have all of the fun without you. Sane people? They like to relax on Sundays — especially Super Bowl Sundays — and you can too if you let a bunch of these Philly pros do the work for you.

Who: Revolution Taco
What: Rittenhouse’s fancy taco joint is offering you three game-day options: make-your-own taco buffets, burrito trays, or buffalo chicken empanada trays. Here’s the full menu.

  • Taco-wise, the buffet serves five. So choose your proteins, add on some sides and fillers, they’ll provide the tortillas (soft or hard), utensils, napkins, and food trays. The prices range from $12-$20 per person ($12 gets you two tacos per person and the basics; $20 gets you 4-5 tacos per person, chafing dishes and dish racks, sternos, and even set-up service).
  • Burrito trays top out at $14.50 per person including sides and salsas.
  • Empanada trays go for $32 for one dozen or $64 for two dozen.

By when: 48 hours notice

Who: Zama
What: Back at it again this year, chef Zama is building takeout sushi trays featuring ten maki rolls for $50. An additional $15 gets you a six pack of Kirin or Sapporo Light. Each tray will come with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger and chopsticks.
By when: You can place an order day-of.

Who: CoZara

What: Six different types of wing trays

  • Mango and mint
  • Tabasco mayo
  • Harakiri “super spicy
  • Honey black pepper
  • Korean chili
  • Japanese five spice

$7.99 gets you 10 wings
$12.99 gets you 20 wings
$19.99 gets you 30 wings
$24.99 gets you 40 wings
$32.00 gets you 50 wings
$75 gets you 120 wings

By when: You can place an order day-of.

Who: Ela
What: Jason Cichonski’s prepping entire fried chicken dinners and wings to-go. Dinner includes honey-brined whole fried chicken, cornbread-crusted truffle mac and cheese, sweet chili cornbread muffins, and sour cabbage slaw. $100 feeds 8-10 people, $160 feeds 16-20. Rather just do the wings? Choose from four types of special wings at $10 a pound. Order them here.
By when: Saturday (February 4th) at noon.

Who: Weckerly’s Ice Cream and South Philly Barbacoa

What: The Fishtown creamery is kicking off a new Sundae Sunday series with $10 nacho sundaes: waffle cone “tortilla chips” topped with avocado sorbet, Horchata ice cream (South Philly Barbacoa’s recipe), house made mascarpone whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and shaved dark chocolate. All proceeds will go toward budget costs for South Philly Barbacoa’s next #Right2Work dinner.
By when: Only available from noon till 9 (or while supplies last) on Sunday. Web pre-order here.