Guess Who’s Coming to Cook at Osteria?

Marcus Samuelsson is doing a collaboration dinner in celebration of his new cookbook.

RedRooster1On Friday, February 10, at 6:30pm, Marcus Samuelsson (of Red Rooster in Harlem) will be hitting Philly to hang out with the crew at Osteria, cook a collaborative dinner, and talk about his new book, the Red Rooster Cookbook.

And while it’s kind of a big deal every time a famous chef rolls through Philly hoping to get his hands dirty in one of our kitchens, Samuelsson is a bigger deal than most. He’s a great chef. The book is supposed to be very good (I haven’t seen it yet). And to have him in the kitchen with the Osteria team? That just sounds awesome.

Actually, I know it’s going to be awesome. Because I know what they’re going to be cooking that night. Want to see the menu?

Of course you do.

Red Rooster Cookbook Dinner With Marcus Samuelsson
Friday, Feb. 10, 6:30pm / Osteria

On the table
Red Rooster hot sauce, picklz (Haitian cabbage), berbere peanuts, pickled cucumbers and radishes, devil’s sauce, PA maple syrup
1st Course
Pig Ears with hot mustard & Pan Roasted Sweet Potatoes with dried cherries and walnuts
2nd Course
Whole Fried Fish with grits & Bird Funk and Chicken Liver Butter on Cornbread
3rd Course
Curried Goat Stew & Block-Party Ribs with Sweet Q Sauce with brown butter biscuits
Rum Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream & Banana Pecan Pie

Tickets will cost you $125 a head, but that includes a copy of the Red Rooster Cookbook. What it doesn’t include? Booze. That’ll run you an additional $50. So no, not cheap. But probably still cheaper than running into NYC for the night for a taste of the real thing. And where else are you going to have the chance to meet Samuelsson in person while eating some of the dishes from the cookbook he’ll be signing?

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