Otis & Pickle’s Speakeasy Has A Menu

And a tentative opening date, too.

Otis & Pickles Speakeasy

Otis & Pickle’s Speakeasy

You guys remember Otis & Pickle’s Speakeasy, right? It’s the new bar project being put together by Charlie Collazo of the Institute, located deep in South Philly in the former home of Cooley’s Bar at the corner of 3rd and Porter. Back when we first reported on the place, we knew three things about it.

One, it was going to be a “speakeasy” focused on cocktails and, of course, pickles.

Two, this:

Collazo got the name from a couple of characters he met who over the summer while working at the Creamery Beer Garden in Kennett Square this summer. Otis and Pickles are brothers who owned an automotive garage near the Creamery. Both are over 70, Otis just lost his last tooth and Pickles, well he’s often pickled.

And three, it was going to be a place that did not tolerate “douchebaggery,” which we appreciate.

But now we’ve got a few more details. Like a menu. And a tentative opening date.

First, here’s the menu. They released it on Facebook yesterday, calling it “small but damn tasty.”

Grilled Corn $3
Chile oil and cilantro or Cajun-honey compound butter and romano cheese

Pickled Plate $8
Selection of sweet and classic pickled fruits and veggies, grilled bread, and spreads

Deep Fried Pickles $6
Seasonal veggies and cucumbers, dippers and chutneys

French Fries $4
Garlic “aioli”

Hummus Plate $8
Pita, veggies,

Cheese Plate $12

Assorted local cheeses, grilled bread, cranberry mustard, assorted pickles

Cheese Burger Sliders $9
Custom beef blend, caramelized onions, American, marrow aioli, house made pickles

Roast Beef Sliders $9
Sharp provolone, caramelized onions, jus

Pickled Brined Wings $10
Classic buffalo hot

Sweet-Spicy ginger teriyaki, blue cheese

Taco’s $9
Choice of pulled chicken, pickled pork belly, pickled tofu, grilled salmon, or seasoned ground beef, fresh pico, pickled red onions, aioli (vegan available)

Hungry Hipster Plate $11
Roast beef, mashed red potatoes, jus, grilled corn

Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte $6

Bread Pudding with coffee and bourbon caramel sauce $6

The burger sliders sound solid. Pickled and brined wings? Awesome. And grilled corn (when done well and in-season) is always something to look forward to. That “Hungry Hipster Plate”? I mean, it sounds good, but the name just…confuses me.

As for that opening date? Originally, we were looking at November. Obviously, that’s a bit in the past, but the new tentative opening is now scheduled for March 3.

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