Anyone Interested In An Evening Of Indian And Icelandic Cocktails?

This is not your usual cocktail event.

MylesBarBored with the usual run of cocktail event? Tired of all the whiskey tastings and wine pairing and whatever else it is you do to put a crimp in your ascot?

Well then, how about this? How about a night of Indian and Icelandic-inspired cocktails served at the bar of an international hot dog restaurant?

No, seriously.

Here’s how it’s all gonna work.

“I just came back from my second stint in Bombay, India doing a pop up bar there and wanted to create some fun drinks inspired by my stay there.”

That’s Myles Carroll who, under normal circumstances, is the head bartender at 1 Tipling Place. But for one night only, on Thursday, January 26, he’s going to be sharing the bar at Destination Dogs with his buddy (and D-Dogs owner) Jimmy Kronk. Carroll will be doing three cocktails for India. Kronk will be doing three for Iceland. And the whole thing is going to be very unusual–which is why, if you’re into cocktails, you should plan to attend this Bjork vs. Bollywood event.

So what are they going to be serving? I asked Carroll that very question a couple days ago, and while they’re still working on the specifics of their cocktails, he was able to tell me that Kronk will be doing shots in ice glasses and something using Brennivin (an unsweetened Icelandic schnapps). Carroll, meanwhile, will be pouring a Raj Collins with toasted cumin and a drink based on the Indian coconut drink, sol kadi. As for what Carroll was doing at a pop-up bar event in Bombay, he wouldn’t say–though I did ask him whether 1 Tipling was planning on opening a location in India and he didn’t exactly say no…

Anyway, if coconut and unsweetened schnapps sounds like your jam, now you know where to be on Thursday night. The fun starts at 8pm.

Destination Dogs [Official]