Nugget Nectar, Free Art And Hot Dogs At Garage North

Hawk Krall will be signing prints during the first tapping of Nugget Nectar.

On Thursday, Garage North (the one at 100 East Girard Avenue) is throwing a party with Troegs and a bunch of artists to celebrate that very special beer-drinkers holiday: First Squeeze.

So what is First Squeeze, you ask? It’s the first tapping of the year’s supply of Troegs Nugget Nectar–their once-a-year dry hopped Imperial Amber over which beer nerds go all swoony. This time around, they asked eight artists to make Nugget Nectar-inspired works to celebrate the big day. And at the event, they’re going to be offering free prints (while supplies last) and signings by the artists.

Here in Philly, that means Hawk Krall (friend of Foobooz, beer and hot dog enthusiast, and all-around swell guy) hanging out at Garage, showing off his work (you can see him holding it right there) and signing prints for people.

In addition to the art and the Nugget Nectar, Garage has a few other things going on that night. Namely, “Hobbs’ Hot Dog Jamboree” with $4 La Frieda all-beef dogs on Martin’s rolls, $2 Nugget Nectar cheese sauce or Scratch #666 Chili Sauce add-ons, and a bunch of other Troegs beers, including Dreamweaver, Perpetual IPA, Troegenator and Scratch #271 cherry-chocolate stout.

The party starts at 6pm and runs until 9pm. Come early if you’re looking for free art because supplies are limited. And if you want more information on any of the artists being featured (or details on Troegs beers), you can check out their event page below.

Troegs First Squeeze 2017 [Official]