You Should Get To Little Pete’s While You Still Can

Because the end, in this case, truly is nigh.


We’ve known for quite some time now that one of the last surviving 24-hour diners in the area, Little Pete’s, was going to have to close to make way for a new, boutique hotel coming to the corner of 17th and Chancellor.

But the story has become complicated over the intervening years with delays, rumors, possible re-locations and stays of execution. But now our friends over in the news division are reporting that the closure is real. That it’s coming. And that it has an ultimate date.

Over on the news blog, Dan McQuade has some details:

Co-owner John Koutroubas, who owns Little Pete’s with his brother Pete, confirmed the closure date while working the register yesterday. He said the diner may move out earlier than the end of August.

End of August, got it? And maybe sooner. So if you’re a fan of the place (and we know that Little Pete’s has a lot of people who like it quite a bit), you should really get there now for a last plate of scrapple and eggs because no one, at this point, is really sure when the end is going to come.

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