The Aldine-Stargazy All-You-Can-Eat Christmas Eve Pie Buffet Is Back

Last year’s pie buffet was a big success, so George and Jennifer Sabatino from Aldine have once again invited Sam Jacobson from Stargazy over to the house to do a second pie-based holiday collaboration dinner.

Jacobson will be doing a bunch of his traditional British pies (both meaty and vegetarian), George will be banging out two different pies of his own (ones that went over well during a guest spot at Stargazy a couple months back), and there’ll be a ton of sides for everyone to fill up on as well.

The party happens at Aldine on Christmas Eve, starting at 5:30 and running until 9pm. It’ll run you $45 per person (not including booze, tax or tip) and is, as mentioned, all you can eat.

Here’s how the menu is shaping up:

2nd Annual All-You-Can-Eat Pie Buffet at Aldine

cauliflower : golden raisin : fresno chili : pomegranate
celery root custard : black truffle : apple : hazelnut
sweet potato : peanut sauce : frisée : coriander crumble
root vegetables : preserved lemon : scallion : smoked almond
greens : sprouted lentils : butternut squash : chili oil
holiday pork sausage : potato chips : pickles : house mustard
potted shrimp : traditional garnishes
smoked beef neck : secret sauce
smoked mushroom : cheddar
stargazy favorites : traditional +meat + vegetarian
buttermilk panna cotta : pear preserves : almond crumble
sticky toffee pudding : you should know this by now
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Stargazy [f8b8z]