Hey, There’s Another Christmas Eve Dinner Happening, Too

Ela has a more formal, sit-down affair planned for December 24.

So we already told you about the pie buffet that George Sabatino and Sam Jacobson are putting together on Christmas Eve at Aldine. But now there’s this, too–a $55, five-course prix fixe (with wine pairing included) that Jason Cichonski and his team at Ela have planned for the same night.

Granted, there are no pies on this menu, but there are beets roasted in coffee and bucatini with white figs and porcini butter, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Seriously, though, this seems like kind of a killer menu. And the price ain’t too bad either, if you’re looking for a special night out on the day before a major holiday. Here’s the full list of what’s being served:

Nice, right? And knowing Cichonski, something tells me that’s not just your average mug of hot chocolate (or plate of venison tartare) either.

Ela [f8b8z]