Tonight: Drinking Beer For A Good Cause At Dock Street

Give a toy, get a beer. Also, there's pizza.

Feel like doing some good tonight? Feel like getting rewarded for it in the process? Then head over to Dock Street Brewery in West Philly where they’re doing their give a toy / get a beer promotion.

It works like this: You bring in a gift of a toy or a book and they give you a rare beer pulled just for this event. The beer in question? A bourbon barrel aged Tripel–a 9.2% ABV Belgian ale that’s been resting in Four Roses barrels for the past nine months. All the gifts they collect tonight will be going to CHOP–an excellent choice for this holiday season. For more information (and a link to a list of suggested gifts from CHOP), check out the event listing here.

Oh, and that’s not all…

Because you’re already there at Dock Street, and maybe feeling a bit peckish after all that good karma you’ve built up, they’ve got a special pizza on the menu which, according to them, “Pairs excellently with good vibes and rare beer.” Here’s their description:

Sliced beets, crisp apples, aged cheddar and topped with rosemary. This’ll grow your heart three times the size, minus the bah humbugs and tryptophan.

So yeah. Bring a gift. Get a free beer. Eat some pizza. They’ll be doing this until 11pm tonight. Sounds like a pretty good way to spend a Wednesday night.

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