You Know What Philly Needs? More Colombian Fusion Cuisine.

And the good news is, we’re gonna get it–at least (for the time being) in pop-up format.

Mel Tenorio came to Philly from a neighborhood in Bogota called Usaquén, and when he decided that it was time to bring a little “fusion Colombian gastronomy” to this city, he went about it the way that so many up-and-coming restaurateurs do these days: with a pop-up, named after his hometown.

Actually, with three pop-ups so far, the third of which is happening this Friday at Philly Style Bagels. So we’re talking December 2, from 6-10pm–though if the past two events have been any indication, stuff is going to sell-out before the night ends.

What’s that? You want to see a menu? We can help you with that. Here’s the official version:

And here’s what Tenorio (who went to culinary school in Bogota, then worked in the industry in Cali, Colombia) had to say about what he’s serving:

“It will be Hawaiian-Style Flour Empanadas chicken & pineapple with Aji (a traditional Colombian cilantro based salsa, hot or mild), Cayeye (mashed sweet plantains with refrito: tomato, green onion & red pepper, topped with Queso blanco, avocado, and a fried egg), Hot Chocolate and Arepas (Arepas are corn flour & queso blanco, grilled – Colombians traditionally break apart the Arepas and swirl it into their hot chocolate) and last but not least, our famous Coconut Rice, in the style of Colombia’s Caribbean areas. The Coconut Milk is reduced with panella, which caramelizes and more coconut milk and rice are added. It is a favorite, and we offer it at each Pop-Up.”

So now you know. And if you’re looking for pictures (or any more info), you can check out the Usaquen Instagram below.

Usaquen Philly [Instagram]

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