Ramen Pop-Up at Taqueria Feliz

Ramen gets #Meximized in Manayunk.

A Mexican bao bun? It's happening this week in Manayunk.

A Mexican bao bun? It’s happening this week in Manayunk.

Have you ever felt like your burrito needed more noodles? Or your ramen needed more tortilla chips? Neither have we, nonetheless we’re intrigued by the pop-up Taqueria Feliz has planned. The Manayunk Mexican restaurant is hosting a ramen pop-up. Mexican-Asian fusion might sound weird but we’re willing to give dishes like Ramen Poblano a try.

And the Main Street bar will also be well stocked with Sapporo Pilsner and Black Raspberry “Sake-Ritas.”

Check out the rest of the menu.

Miso Cucumber Salad
Habanero miso dressing, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, crispy shallot

Pear Salad
Baby kale, watercress, ginger chimichurri, asian pear, crunchy sesame

Mushroom Bao Buns
Steam buns, oyster and crimini mushrooms, black bean paste, charred scallion

Carnitas Bao Buns
Steam buns, grilled pineapple, sweet and sour, avocado

 Ramen Poblano
Tortilla soup, bok choy, sesame pork, cebolla criolla, mushrooms, egg

 Vegetable Miso
lemongrass miso broth, roasted yam, yu choy, mushrooms, egg

Where: Taqueria Feliz, 4410 Main Street
When: Tuesday November 29th – Friday December 2nd