American Sardine Bar Is Celebrating 5 Years

Yesterday, I told you about the greatest pre-Thanksgiving party ever involving a Turkey-shaped shot luge, and said you just had to go if you were planning on being in town over the holiday. But for those of you out there who don’t think that drinking shots of Wild Turkey out of a turkey’s ass sounds like a good time (Communists…), there’s this: American Sardine Bar’s 5th Anniversary party, which is also happening on November 23.

Here’s a description from the ASB crew:

“We’re pulling out all the stops for this one – a full-on block party, fire pits in the backyard, a dozen different guest sardines from our favorite chefs in Philadelphia, 20 rare drafts and crushable cans. Piñatas?

The night before Thanksgiving is always a special one for us, hope you can make it out! The party starts at 4pm and goes until 2am.”

So here’s the list of beers they were talking about.

Tap List:
01. Alesmith Vietnamese Speedway Stout
02. Allagash Josephine
03. Allagash White
04. Almanac Farmers Reserve Raspberry
05. Alpine Hoppy Birthday
06. American Sardine Ale
07. Ballast Point Red Velvet (NITRO)
08. Big Hill Farmhouse Cider
09. Captain Lawrence Hudson Valley Harvest Danube Cherry
10. Forest & Main Jeté
11. Founders KBS 2015
12. Kenzinger
13. Levante Pointillism
14. Lost Abbey Bourbon Barrel Aged Angels Share
15. New Belgium Love Felix
16. Nodding Head Sledwrecker
17. Sterling Pig Cranberry Saison
18. Sterling Pig This Little Piggy
19. Tired Hands Science Experiment #3
20. Vault ESB w/Mosaic (CASK)
21. Vault High & Dry IPA

And those dozen different “guest sardines”? Yeah, they have a bunch of those locked down, too.

Sardine List:
Doreen DeMarco | American Sardine Bar
Fish and Grits
Split chicken fried sardine filet, over hot sauce grits, pork rind crumble, scallion. Serve with hot sauce

Drew Ashmore | South Philadelphia Taproom
Sardina a la Veracruzana
Sauteed sardine, with a Veracruz sauce (tomato, bell pepper, poblano, onion, garlic, caper, olives) EVOO

Juan Lopez | On Pointe Bistro
Pickled Sardine Slider
Lemon caper remoulad, pickled red cabbage, crispy bacon

Tim Kirkland | Martha
Grilled Sardine
Harissa Oil, chermoula

Christian Kinsey | Bing Bing
Fried Sardine Bao Bun
Fried Sardine, smoked aioli, and pickles in a steam bun

Bill Randall | Hobbs Coffee
Roll Mop
Eastern European Pickled Sardine wrapped around pickled vegetables

Adam Taylor | Alla Spina
Grilled Marinated Sardine
Horseradish Aioli, pickles, side of homemade ritz crackers

Christopher Ritter | Taproom on 19th
Tempura Sardine
Tempura battered sardine, tomato dashi, scallions, bonito flake

So now you have a choice to make. Do you go drink excellent beers, eat sardines and hang out with the crew from ASB (who really do know how to throw a party)? Or do you class it up a little at ITV and then get wasted on shots from an ice turkey?

Maybe do both, huh? Sounds like a helluva night to me.

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