Where To Eat This Weekend: Brunch Edition



We have written a LOT about brunch this week. So it seems only appropriate that we end the week with a solid list of new places around town for day-drinking, pancake-eating and other brunch-like activities. Looking for someplace to wile away a Sunday afternoon? We’ve got you covered. Dim sum on Saturday morning? We know a place.

So here we go: Our advice on where to eat this weekend, brunch edition. And it starts with…

Wm. Mulherin’s Sons started doing brunch a couple weeks back. Know what they’re serving? A donut sandwich with fried ham, fontina and egg, among other things.

–If you’re in Fishtown this weekend, you should check out the brunch at ROOT. They started serving at the beginning of October, and while the menu is rather spare, we do appreciate the fact that they’re making their own sausage, offer sides of Nueske smoked bacon, and consider chocolate a perfectly reasonable brunch course.

Fitler Dining Room has always had a solid brunch service. But recently they re-did the menu and are now offering everything from duck hash with shishito peppers to cast-iron pancakes with blackberry preserves.

SuGa just rolled out a Saturday and Sunday dim sum brunch that runs until 4pm. And the menu looks awesome. Granted, it’s table service and not those little rolling carts (which I love), but it’s tough to argue with lobster spring rolls, scallion pancakes and Szechuan “bon bon” chicken salad.


If you already know where you’re headed for brunch but aren’t sure what to eat, we’ve got our definitive, irreproachable guide to the best brunch dishes ever.

And finally, just because it’s right around the corner now, don’t forget our procrastinator’s guide to Thanksgiving. It ran last week, with lists of places to get everything from turkeys and sides to whole Thanksgiving dinners done for you. But if you’re looking to get a little professional help with your thanksgiving plans, you should probably check it out now because for some of these things, you have to plan ahead at least a little.