Philly Bar Offers Free Whiskey “In Solidarity Against” Donald Trump

Fiume's Kevin James Holland at his bar.

Fiume’s Kevin James Holland at his bar.

There are a lot of people in Philadelphia in need of consolation (read: a stiff drink) after yesterday’s election, and one bar owner has extended an offer to help make us all feel just a little bit better: free whiskey.

The gesture comes from Kevin James Holland of venerable West Philly bar Fiume (228 South 45th Street). On a public Facebook invite he sent out on Wednesday afternoon, Holland wrote the following:

In solidarity against the president elect, have one on me.

I admit I wallowed, but I’m done now. We cannot simply wait around for him to “pussygrab” a dignitary and then hope the House impeaches him. Stand against bigotry, fearmongering, ignorance, hate, hubris, privilege, selfishness, misogyny, racism, and eveything else this preposterous man represents. Show the world how horrified we are and use this as a platform for change. If you will swear to that cause, I will buy you a whiskey.

It’s up to you how to go about it. Write, march/protest, lobby, make art, etc. But do it. We are going to need everyone –right down to the GOP– to right the ship. And you better show up. I’ll know if you don’t because I will be there.

In earnest,
Kevin James Holland

Disclaimers for a-holes who make them necessary:
-We won’t serve you if you’re drunk.
-One per guest.
-We’re talking about 1oz of Ezra Brooks 4 Year.

The offer is good for Wednesday night only. Save some for us.

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