A Barrel Full of Events for First Weekend of Craft Spirits Week

Whiskey brunches, gin happy hours and cocktail competitions.

Philadelphia’s inaugural Craft Spirits Week hit the ground running during last night’s WhiskeyFest. The local craft spirits “corral” was packed all night as attendees were excited to try the local products. Several of the local distilleries used the opportunity to show off some new products. And in the case of whiskey, that usually means something old. Dad’s Hat was showing off its Straight Rye Whiskey, aged 36 to 45 months at its bar. Manatawny Still Works pouring its latest, almost scotch like Small Batch Whiskey #11. And Philadelphia Distilling surprised many by showing off “Tough Broad,” their aged whiskey collaboration with Yards Brewing. The whiskey starts with George Washington Porter being run through the still and then aged for over a year.

This weekend the boozing continues with whiskey brunches, gin happy hours, cocktail contests and a lot more.

Highlights include:

  • Tonight: Bar Hygge hosts Red Brick Craft Distillery for a night of cocktails. Hygge is looking to be a must visit during PCSW.
  • Saturday: Standard Tap shows off local spirits during its whiskey-themed brunch.
  • Saturday: We’re especially excited to see what George Sabatino comes up with to pair with the gins flights being served at this Aldine happy hour.
  • Sunday: Crime and Punishment is hosting a special local spirits brunch because PA brewpubs can serve PA spirits. Synergy! Besides the brunch, the other highlight is a live demonstration of how a barrel charred.
  • Sunday: We told you about it already, but it’s such a good deal we’re going to keep telling you about it. The Sunday Fun Day Cocktail competition offers up 11 cocktail samples made by some of Philadelphia’s best bartenders for just $15 if you purchase ahead of time. The event also serves as a great Eagles pregame party as it runs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Heritage.
  • Sunday: Of course if you aren’t watching the Eagles, the Manatawny Cocktails at a.bar beckon. Bartender Dan Hamm is dreaming up cocktails with traditional Lenape Indian ingredients.

For more, check out the Philly Craft Spirits Week website or follow PCSW on Social Media.

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