PA Distributors Could Get Ability to Sell Beer in Any Quantity

New legislation could see beer distributors pouring draft beer to go.

Photo by iStock

Could your local beer distributor be adding a tap system soon? | Photo by iStock

Pennsylvania beer distributors could see the law loosen up in their favor. Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Senate passed legislation that would allow distributors to sell beer or other malt beverages in any amount, from a single bottle on up. Additionally, the bill would allow distributors to also sell growlers to go.

The bill would ease complaints from Pennsylvania beer distributors who have seen increased competition from grocery markets which not only sell beer but can also sell wine. However, this isn’t a clear win for distributors though, as  they don’t get to sell wine like grocery stores do. But the compromise also upsets others.

The legislation is also opposed by the Philadelphia Licensed Beverage Association that represents tavern owners in the city. Bars and bottle shop had at one time been the only places in the Commonwealth where citizens could by beer by the single bottle or six-pack. The allowance of grocery store sales ended their control of that sales avenue. Last week the group attempted to mobilize its members to reach out to state senators to oppose the legislation. It didn’t work as the bill unanimously ratified.

Now it’s off to the governor’s desk for potential signing into law. According to an Associated Press article, Governor Wolf was non-committal about signing the bill.