What You’ll Be Eating and Drinking at the New Whole Foods

The new Whole Foods comes fully stocked with beer, hummus, ramen, pasta and even vegan cheesesteaks.

The new Whole Foods comes fully stocked with beer, hummus, ramen, pasta and even vegan cheesesteaks.

The enormous new flagship Whole Foods is now open at 22nd and Pennsylvania Avenue and it is impressive. It’s by far the biggest supermarket in downtown Philadelphia but that’s only a part of the story. It’s also food destination with tons to tempt, even if you don’t put a single thing in your reusable canvas bag.

But the first food and drink option you come across when entering the new Whole Foods is the high tech Allegro coffee bar (Whole Foods’ internal coffee brand) that offers a futuristic coffee, tea and cocktail experience. For the coffee lover the Modbar (first seen at Double Knot) setup promises finely tuned espresso and coffee. The pour over chemex aficionado will marvel over the robotic Poursteady machine that mimics five baristas doing pour overs. The Brooklyn based company even offers wifi control of the contraption. Tea also gets an futuristic upgrade with a Bkon brewer which utilizes a reverse vacuum to hasten and enhance the tea process.

Poursteady Robot in action (movie)

All of these cool toys are also used to turn the coffee bar into a bar. Bartender Dan Hamm (a.bar) was on hand yesterday consulting on the menu of tea and coffee inspired cocktails.

Parkway Pub has a large selection of craft beer and a 16-tap bar.

Parkway Pub has a large selection of craft beer and a 16-tap bar.

Upstairs from the Allegro coffee bar is Whole Foods’ Parkway Pub. The pub offers a sit down bar with 16 craft drafts including an exclusive offering from Yards Brewing. Surrounding the bar are coolers stacked with local and national crafts plus an extensive big bottle selection. Beers here can be purchased for consumption at the pub, to go or at the other food vendors adjacent to the pub.

Wine will eventually be stocked, the state’s passage of the law allowing grocery stores to sell wine came just as the design of the new Whole Foods was finalized.

During crowded lunch and dinner hours, Whole Foods will roll around a cocktail cart to offer beer, wine and cocktails to patrons dining in the 140-seat food court and by the local food partners.

Menus for Whole Foods Local Partners

Wiz Kid

WK Philly $10
Shredded mushrooms, suit an, fried onions, pickled peppers, rutabaga wiz

KFT $10
Korean fried tempeh sandwich, daikon slaw, kimchee tartar sauce, tomato, avocado

WK Chopped $10
Edamame, cauliflower, watermelon radish, roasted carrot, crispy sunchokes, dirty grilled tofu, green goddess


Togarashi Fries $4
Wiz Fries $5
Little Goddess Salad $5


Fresh Made Pasta

Bucatini $12
Guanciale, Pomodoro, Shave Pecorino

Gramigna Bolognese $11
Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano

Gnocchi Pomodoro $11
Ricotta, Severino EV Olive Oil

Butternut Squash Ravioli $12
Brown Butter, Sage, Cream

Cavatelli with Sweet Fennel Sausage $12
Broccoli Rabe, Roasted Garlic, Severino EV Olive Oil


Caesar $8
Housemade Croutons, Shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano
w/ grilled chicken $11

Baby Arugula & Kale $7
Fresh Fennel, Shaved Parm, Lemon Olive Oil


Chicken Parmigiana $11
Mozzarella, Pomodoro, Fresh Basil

Sausage Italiano $11
Sweet Sausage, Garlic Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Meatball Provolone $11
Housemade Meatballs, Sunday Sauce, Provolone


Parm Fries $4
Broccoli Rabe $5
Meatballs Pomodoro $2.50


Cannoli with Sicilian Creme & Chocolate Chips $3

Gilda Biscotti $2

Cheu Noodle Bar

Small Plates

Pepperoni Dumplings $6

Spicy Cuke Salad $8

Black Garlic Wings $10


Miso Ramen $14

Mushroom Yakisoba $12

Coconut Curry $12



Tehina 10

Pickled Radish 11

Braised Chicken 12

Each served with house pita, chopped salad, pickles


Add Egg 1
Extra Pita 1
Frozen Lemonnana 3