Fried Chicken And Donut Pop-Up At ITV

ITV | Photo by Ted Nghiem

ITV | Photo by Ted Nghiem

Here’s some big news for those of you enamored of the intersection between science and junk food. Alex Talbot of Ideas In Food is coming to Nick Elmi’s ITV for a one-night-only pop-up. And he’s bringing his fried chicken and donuts with him.

For those of you who don’t know, Talbot is one half of the mad-scientist team behind Ideas In Food (along with Aki Kamozawa), and Ideas In Food is a blog, a book and, oddly, a donut shop in Stockton, NJ called Curiosity Doughnuts.

But not just any donut shop. Curiosity is the kind of place that gets written up in Food & Wine and talked about all over the country. And they’re famous for two things: their donuts and their pretzel-crusted fried chicken sandwiches with cherry pepper caramel dipping sauce, both of which they’re bringing to ITV on Wednesday, October 19.

Here’s the thing, though. ITV is opening the doors at noon. And ITV is pretty small. They’re going to keep serving until everything is sold out, and they are taking reservations (either through Reserve or by calling the restaurant at 267-858-0669. So our suggestion? If you’re interested in this thing (and you really should be), make your plans now. Because no one can really say exactly how long Talbot and his donuts are going to be around.

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