Meat News: La Divisa and Wyebrook Farm Are Now Partners

You love meat, right? Of course you do. And as a proudly carnivorous American, you carefully track all the goings-on in the Philadelphia meat scene, right?


Okay, so maybe not. But still, there’s some good news on that front today, and it is this: Nick Macri of La Divisa Meats is partnering up with Dean Carlson, owner of Wyebrook Farm out in Chester county. And like a two-man meat-Voltron, they are teaming up to bring delicious animal proteins to the people of Philadelphia. Here’s how it’s all shaking out.

First, this deal will put Macri (a man who knows a awful lot about meat) in charge of the on-site butcher shop at Wyebrook. He’s actually been there for the past few weeks, putting his knife to the hormone-free, ethically raised and slaughtered animals raised by Wyebrook. Carlson has grass-fed cattle, heritage breed pigs and free-range chickens at Wyebrook, all of which are sold in the farm’s butcher shop and market. And now, Macri is adding a range of sausages, pâtés, salumi and oven-ready roasts to the lineup. And because charcuterie is what Macri really specializes in, Wyebrook’s charcuterie program will also expand quite a bit under Macri’s hand.

Second, this deal will put a lot more Wyebrook product on the shelves at La Divisa’s Reading Terminal Market shop. And it’s not like La Divisa was lacking in the meat department, but any deal which makes more sausage, more steaks and more charcuterie available to Philly’s eaters is a fine deal.

So yes. Today is a good day to be a carnivore.

La Divisa [Official]
Wyebrook Farm [Official]