A Happy Hour Where You Might Learn Something

It's OK, there is always food and drink deals as well.

Martha | Photo by Ted Nghiem

Martha | Photo by Ted Nghiem

Martha Mondays is the alliterative title to the educational happy hour that happens at Kensington’s Martha (#14 on this year’s 50 Best Bars list). Starting at 5 p.m., these happy hours typically showcase a local, beer, wine, spirit or artisan producer that shows up elsewhere on Martha’s menu.

A few weeks ago, Martha invited Boardroom Spirits to come down from Lansdale to show off their line of booze. The owners were on hand to offer samples and education about their spirits, including their brand new B, a 90 proof, one-of-a kind beet brandy. Yes, beets. B is an organic spirit, distilled from 100% natural beets (A liter of B takes 16 pounds of beets to produce) creating an earthy flavor that will please any beet-a-holic (see, we learned things). In addition to the free samples from Boardroom, Martha’s Mike Landers mixed up several cocktails showing off the spirit including “Beet Down” that was served with the beet spirit, dill, root syrup, fresh lemon and sea salt as well as “And the Beet Goes On,” a cocktail with B, Vicio Mezcal, beet kvass, black pepper syrup and lemon.

Tonight, the fun and education continues with owner Jon Medlinsky welcoming Heather Thomason of Primal Supply Meats to Martha’s patio for an Oktoberfest inspired happy hour. Martha will be serving up free samples of grilled Primal Supply sausages and other bites like beef tongue schnitzel sliders. Wash down those bites with half-priced German style beers like Sterling Pig Oktoberfest, Leipziger Pine Needle Gose, Jack’s Abbey Marzen, Vault German IPA, Levante Kolsch, and St Benjamin’s Pilsner. There will even be some (vegan) sausage inspired cocktails which we will be half off as well.

Primal Supply isn’t just for restaurants. A Butcher’s Club membership offers individuals and families the chance to get weekly or semi-weekly delivery of beef, pork, and poultry and you can pick it up right at Martha. Thomason will be able to answer any questions about the Butcher’s Club, and even sign you up. See, learning things.

The happy hour runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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