Connor Barwin Orders Santucci’s After Every Eagles Home Game

In an interview with GQ about his workout regimen and diet, Connor Barwin says he has a post-game Santucci’s pizza “always.”

Photos of Santucci’s pizza and Eagles defensive player Connor Barwin

This is not usually what you look like after consuming a lot of pizza | Photos: Santucci’s pizza photo by Dan McQuade; Connor Barwin photo by Jeff Fusco

Connor Barwin recently did an interview with GQ about his diet. Barwin is listed as 6-foot-4, 264 pounds — and in modern pro sports, every extra little bit counts. So he works out a lot, and he also eats a lot. He detailed his diet and pre-game ritual for the magazine, but he also explained his one cheat:

You obviously try to get protein and amino acids back. My normal routine is coming home and getting pizza—but that’s more for relaxing. Mushroom pizza always from Santucci’s in Philadelphia. Always.

I didn’t know Connor Barwin and I had much in common, other than living in the same city. But apparently we eat roughly the same amount of Santucci’s pizza! (The preceding sentence was a lie. I eat Santucci’s much more than this, which is probably why Connor Barwin and I are closer to in weight than I’d like us to be. I usually get extra cheese.)

Anyway, the next time Barwin gets a sack or makes a tackle for a loss at the Linc, we know it’s all just a way to pregame for that sweet, sweet Santucci’s Pizza afterwards. If you needed another reason for Connor Barwin to be your favorite Eagle, here you go.

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