Best of Philly: Get a Hangover

Do This Now: Get a Hangover | Photo by Nell Hoving

Do This Now: Get a Hangover | Photo by Nell Hoving

But make sure it’s worth it. Thanks to Philly’s booze boom, a slew of local distilleries and breweries are turning out home-grown sips well worth the Advil.


A blended whiskey from Olde Kensington’s New Liberty Distillery, Kinsey attempts to re-create the distinct flavor of an early-20th-century Philadelphia whiskey, from back in the days when our city was a distilling powerhouse. The result? A clean, easy-drinking spirit that takes to almost any mixer.


Give Petty’s Island Driftwood Dream to people who say they don’t like rum. The creation of Camden’s Cooper River Distillers, this rum is smooth, complex, and sweet and hauntingly dark with brown sugars, and it’ll make them rethink their prejudice against one of the world’s more maligned spirits.


Made with Centennial, Cascade and Columbus hops and a touch of lemongrass to play up the citrus flavor, Little Round Hop from the crew at Adams County’s Big Hill Ciderworks is an excellent entry point for craft-beer nerds (or anyone else) looking to understand what the cider craze is all about.


Complex but not overly botanical, Rowhouse Gin, crafted in small batches by a microdistillery on Frankford Avenue, makes for a great gin and tonic (or any cocktail, really) and is one of those incredibly rare non-infused gins that can even be drunk straight, over rocks, with nothing but a squeeze of lime.


Despite all the excellent beers the mad geniuses of Ardmore-based Tired Hands Brewing Company come up with, we always find ourselves returning to HopHands. It’s a crisp, refreshing American pale that drinks like a perfect sweet summer beer, without any unnecessary complication to the flavor save a mild undertone of pine needles.

Published as “Best of Philly 2016” in the August issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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