Aldine Makes Some Changes For Summer

George Sabatino‘s menu at Aldine has never been what one would call a stable document. Sure, there are things that you can count on being there (oysters, yogurt, something weird done with carrots and something awesome done with beets), but the kitchen changes things up regularly enough that its almost always a different experience every time you go.

And now, with summer in full swing (and following a week’s vacation for George and Jennifer Sabatino), Aldine is rolling out some pretty significant changes–in menu, in hours, and even in the way dinner is served.

For starters, the kitchen has revamped six of the dishes on the dinner menu (which is significant since the entire thing probably doesn’t run to more than a dozen or so plates). Some of these changes are minor–meant to reflect the new produce available as the hot weather continues–but some reflect whole new dishes, like a savory corn custard with black truffle and tempura-fried maitake mushrooms; grilled zuchini with yogurt, pickled baby squash and crispy quinoa or duck breast with blistered shishito peppers, cherries and black garlic.


Aldine will still be doing Sunday brunches and suppers (offering an open-faced sausage sandwich topped with chicken liver mousse and fried eggs at the former, a 3-course, $35 prix fixe menu with multiple options at the latter), but their hours are changing a bit. Here’s the new schedule:

Tuesday – Thursday 5-9pm
Friday-Saturday 5-10pm
Sunday Brunch 11am-2pm
Sunday Supper 5-9pm

Sabatino also says that he’s looking forward to another menu change in the coming weeks, adding some “for two” entrees to the menu to close out the season.

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