Tickets Are Now On Sale For the Best Of Philly Soiree

One of the biggest, best food events of the season is happening on August 4th.

Yes, it is almost that time again, folks. With August will come our big, yearly Best Of Philly issue, and with our Best Of Philly issue will come our big, yearly Best Of Philly party–a soiree being held under the stars at Dilworth Plaza on Thursday, August 4.

There will be food. There will be booze. There will be entertainment (both of the customary, music-based variety and the always amusing drunken-people-watching variety) and opportunities to sample some of the other best things in Philly. The best restaurants in the city will be there to feed you and the best bars and bartenders will be on hand to keep you well lubricated while you wander around a beautiful outdoor space. And all it will cost you is $99 to get in the door.

Well, it’ll actually cost you $165 if you want to get in the door early and have at the food and liquor before the big crowds descend, but deciding whether you consider yourself a V.I. enough P for that additional outlay of cash is a decision that each person must make for themselves. The big spenders get in the door at 5pm and will have access to a special lounge area. The rest of us (the $99 dollar crowd) will have to wait until 6:30pm to enter and make do with only the dozens upon dozens of excellent restaurants and bars that traditionally show up to fill the floor at these events. The big list of everyone who’ll be on hand will be released soon, but one thing we can promise? There are very few chances you’ll have in any given year to sample the food from five or ten or twenty of the best restaurants in town for the price of a dinner at just one of them. And the Best Of Philly Soiree? It’s one of those nights.

Tickets are on sale right now. And considering the fact that this event has sold out fairly quickly in the past, picking up yours sooner rather than later is a pretty good idea.

Here’s hoping we’ll see you all there.

Best Of Philly Soiree [Get your tickets here]