Cocktails And Bubbles Happy Hour At Wm Mulherin’s Sons

It's happening tomorrow, so make your plans now.


You know what can make a Wednesday better? Strong liquor and bubbly wine. And while that might not be the reason for the crew at Wm Mulherin’s Sons dropping a last-minute Wednesday happy hour into the schedule, it’s a damn fine reason for attending.

They’re bringing in Giorgio Rivetti from Contratto Winery, and Rivetti is going to be bringing with him a whole bunch of vermouth, fernet, and apertivo liqueurs from Contratto. The crew behind the bar at Mulherin’s will then be shaking up cocktails using these products, and offering them to you, the drinking public, for just $9.

Not exciting enough? That’s fine, because there’ll be sparkling wine, too. Specifically, the Contratto Millesimato sparkling wine and La Spinetta Rose (both going for $9 a glass), and bottles of the Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine for $75. Chef Chris Painter will be in the kitchen knocking out some special snacks just for the event, too.

The fun runs May 25th from 5 pm to 6:30 pm in the bar at Wm Mulherin’s Sons.

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