Pop-Up Dinner Theater at Neuf

underground dinner theaterOn Monday, May 9th, Sam Jacobson (Stargazy) and dinner theater are coming to Joncarl Lachman’s Neuf. Billed as a “strange and sumptuous evening,” this night of underground dinner theater is $25 per person and includes three courses plus something called “Violence of the Lambs & Cockatrice.”

The menu includes roasted cauliflower, Moroccan-spiced lamb and chocolate bark with pistachio. But you’ll have to read the full menu to get a feel for the theater portion of the evening.

Roasted Cauliflower with Tunisian Chermoula while
Bradley Wrenn serves up COCKATRICE

A cruel tale drawing you deeper and deeper into the bowels of a dank dungeon. The piece demands you believe in a world both real and unreal. His goal: lose total control of the audience, while they symbolically kill him and toss his body on banks of the Ganges.

Moroccan-Spiced Lamb Pie (from Sam Jacobson at Stargazy)
while Chris Davis treats us to VIOLENCE OF THE LAMBS

The next great threat to civilization is not nuclear war or disease, it’s animals. ANIMALS. Lambs, dogs, cats, geese… They’re organizing, and planning viscious attack.

34 years of documented research will prove the next great war will be…an Animal vs. Human War.

Dark Chocolate Bark with Pistachio and Ras-el-hanout
while we digest what we saw.

Stick around! Neuf’s bar will stay open until you feel safe enough to go home ;)

Seating is limited and tickets can be bought online.

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