Palladino’s Introduces New Spring Dishes, Tasting Menus And Pasta Night


Chef Luke Palladino is changing things up at his restaurant with some new dining options–one of them being two different four-course tasting menus. The first is the Tuscan Steak Dinner with assorted antipasti, steak, an Italian vegetable stew, and affogato for dessert. The second tasting menu, Tour of Italy, includes antipasto, the chef’s choice of pasta or focaccia, and either chicken, fish, or braciole, plus a scoop of gelato.

There are also 14 new spring dishes on the Palladino’s menu, including grilled middle neck clams, grilled spring vegetable insalata, and grilled beef braciole.

Mondays will now be “Pasta Night” at Palladino’s, a new house-made pasta special. For $15, guests can choose from any of the hand-crafted pasta options on the menu. Here are all of the new dishes and tasting menus:


Fava bean pesto al maro. $8

Grilled chard ribs
shaved asparagus, taleggio pasturo cheese & smoked speck ham. $9

Grilled Spring Vegetable Insalata
Little gem lettuce, pea sprouts, asparagus, fennel, spring onions, fava beans, peas, tomatoes, lemon & mint vinaigrette . $12
Octopus Carpaccio
Arugula, pea shoots, citrus vinaigrette. $14ANTIPASTI-HOTGrilled Middle Neck Clams
Garlic, bacon, orange zest, basil, thyme, chili . $13
House Made Blood Sausage
Red pepper marmellata, fava beans, pecorino pepato & mint. $11Wood Roasted Artichoke
Castelvetrano olivada, roasted garlic & lemon aioli. $10FOCACCIAHeirloom Tomato & Basil Pesto
Stuffed with stracchino cheese, topped with sliced heirloom tomatoes and basil pesto. $19
Calabrese Sausage
NJ pomodoro, locatelli pecorino, shaved ricotta salata. $19HAND-CRAFTED PASTAS
Lemon Fazzoletti
Sweet pea pesto, mint, pea tendrils, shaved pecorino pepato . $18Asparagus Francobolli
Ramps, fava beans, tomato, parmigiano. $21Tagliatelle
Wild mushroom ragu, black garlic-porcini butter, peas, shaved parmigiano. $21Maccheroni
Pork rib ragu alla napoletana, locatelli pecorino cheese . $22


Tuscan Steak Dinner $85 Per Person (4 or more people)
Assorted Anipasti
Pasta- Pici Pasta Cacio E Pepe
Steak- 5-8 Pound Bistecca Alla Fiorentina
Side- Ciambotta Napoletana

Tour of Italy $45 Per Person (2 or more people Sunday-Thursday)
Pasta or Focaccia
Daily Fish, Chicken or Braciole
Dolce- Gelato

Crisp Kale Sprouts
aged balsamic $9

Ciambotta Napoletana $8

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