Now We Don’t Use The Word Hero Often Around Here…

But the sous chef from Standard Tap? Today he is our hero.

Photo by Allison Lewis.

Photo by Allison Lewis.

Over at the news desk, they’re telling the tale today of Eric Wagner, veteran sous chef at Standard Tap in NoLibs, who took to the streets to defend the peace and quiet of his customers’ Sunday brunch this past weekend–doing battle against an evil car alarm with the best weapon at his disposal.

Post-It Notes. Lots and lots of Post-It Notes.

The basics are this: There was a car parked right in front of Standard Tap during Sunday brunch. Its alarm started going off. And then it just wouldn’t stop. Wagner could’ve called the cops. He could’ve done far worse. But instead, he jumped off the line, bought himself some Post-Its, and then found a creative, restrained and community-oriented solution to the problem: Covering the car in notes and messages from himself and the customers whose meals were interrupted by the malfunctioning alarm.

Victor Fiorillo has the full story over in the News section, and it’s really worth a read. You should go check it out right now.

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