Brick And Mortar Is Killing Their Macro Beer Line

And you're invited to the eulogy.

brick-mortar-BAM-interior 940

Since it opened, Brick And Mortar has dedicated one tap line to macro-brewery beers. But you know what? With all the other, better choices on tap at B&M, no one ever really ordered the macros.

So tonight, Brick And Mortar is saying goodbye to their macro draft line with their “Death of the Macro” party. To celebrate, they’ll be tapping a 2013 Founders Curmudgeon–a totally appropriate choice for the occasion.

At 6 p.m., representatives from Founders will join Brick And Mortar to pour the 2013 Curmudgeon, followed by a 7 p.m. eulogy in honor of the fallen macros.

The final 6 oz. pours of Curmudgeon will be just $2, and the other Death of the Macro deals are $2 10 oz. pours of Founders All Day IPA and $2 Miller Lite and Miller High Life bottles.

So, if for whatever reason you’ve been getting macro pours at Brick And Mortar, we’re sorry for your loss. But this is a perfect opportunity for you to move on to better things, like brews from Founders.

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