Joncarl Lachman and Lee Styer’s The Dutch Opening Soon

See that picture up there? That’s what used to live at 1527 South 4th Street. It’s gone now, but we’ve got a pretty cool collaboration restaurant coming in its place: The Dutch.

Chefs Joncarl Lachman and Lee Styer‘s new restaurant, The Dutch, is getting close to its opening date now, and Lachman has been doing his bagel research.

He took a trip to New York to visit some “old school bagelries” with the initial goal of finding the best one to supply bagels for The Dutch. “I love New York Bagels,” says Lachman, but in the end he made the right choice–deciding that what The Dutch needed to do was show some “Philly pride.” So now, their bagels will instead be supplied by a local bagel shop (though which local bagel shop is still up in the air).

Bagels aside, The Dutch will be serving Dutch and Pennsylvania Dutch-style breakfast, lunch, and brunch, and is located in the former home of Fourth & Cross in Pennsport. Lachman and Styer (who have restaurants of their own to worry about–Noord and Neuf for Joncarl and Fond for Lee) are currently in the process of changing the aesthetics of the interior, but they’re still hoping for an opening sometime in mid-April. 

The Dutch [f8b8z]