The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

Last Sunday was the equinox, the first official day of spring! Just in time for Easter celebrations this weekend there are some fresh signs of the new season at area farmer’s markets. True, we have little ways to go before things are full-on radishes, peas, and greens around here, but something has definitely shifted. Just like the daffodils springing up around town, so too are there signs of life beginning to emerge at market. Pick up plenty of local eggs this weekend for dyeing or deviling, and go to town on these market additions.

Hakurei Turnips – Thought they’re not crazy colors, the white orbs of these Japanese turnips look very eggy, indeed. They’re great think sliced and added to salad, and they work beautifully pickled as well. Look for fresh bunches of these turnips at the Chestnut Hill market from Taproot Farm.

Gougere Sliders – We trust that plenty of egg salad will be made next week, once Easter is done, but to get a jump on the creamy goodness pick up an elegant snack from Market Day candle at the Rittenhouse or Chestnut Hill markets tomorrow. Little gougeres—cheesy puffs— filled with egg salad, bacon, and spring greens.

Chocolate Bunnies – Local chocolatier, John and Kira’s, is representing the springtime sweets hard. Pick up solid milk, white, and dark chocolate bunnies, or a box of their “cottontail” bunny bonbons filled with coconut, caramel, and peanut butter. Stop by their table at the Rittenhouse market to stock any Easter Basket with handmade sweets.

Spring Garlic, Scallions, and Chives – After so many months of the sweet, earthy flavors of potatoes and root vegetables, spicy, zippy, oniony flavor has returned! At Clark Park, Landisdale Farm has the first shoots of spring garlic and fresh scallions for the year and Margerum’s Herbs has fresh chives.

Dill – There’s no finer herb with hard boiled eggs than fresh dill. Work your way through some easter eggs by picking some lunch green fronds of it from Highland Orchards at the Fitler Square market. While you’re there keep your eyes peeled for the first spears of fresh asparagus for the year. Rumor has it that you might see some on the table at Brogue Hydroponics.