Whiskey For Breakfast: Sunday Brunch At Ela With Scott Schroeder

UPDATE: We’ve got the full menu now, so check it out after the jump.

Granted, it’s going to be a little late for the official festivities, but if Sunday comes and you still haven’t gotten all the St. Patrick’s Day out of your system, there’s this: A brunch, being organized and prepared by BFFs Scott Schroeder (Hungry Pigeon, etc.) and Jason Cichonski at Cichonski’s restaurant Ela. It’s happening on Sunday from 10:30am until 2:30pm, and they’re calling it the “St. Patrick’s Day Whiskey And Waffles Brunch” so there will presumably be both whiskey and waffles.

Also, this is like the third time the duo have done an event like this together, and yeah. There was plenty of whiskey before. And waffles.

The brunch itself is three courses and will run you $35. If you want cocktail pairings to go along with it, that’ll be an additional $20.

No word yet on what, exactly, Schroeder and Cichonski will be serving, but there was a recent post from Cichonski on Facebook of cinnamon toast ice cream with Jameson and Bailey’s Irish Cream, so that’s a possibility. Plus, you know, waffles.

We’ve got the menu now, and it’s a good one. We’re talking breakfast potato skins, coffee-cured tuna with orange juice marinated red onion, corned beef and cabbage ravioli, chorizo and potato waffles, a cinnamon toast crunch ice cream bomb, plus bourbon, scotch and whiskey cocktails. You can check out the whole thing right here:

Whiskey and Waffles menu at Ela

Whiskey and Waffles menu at Ela

Reservations can be had by calling Ela at 267-687-8512.

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