Victory’s Kirsch Gose And Sour Monkey Returning To Taps And Shelves Soon

Good news for sour beer lovers: it’s almost that time of year when you’ll see two of Victory’s wildly popular seasonal brews—Kirsch Gose and Sour Monkey—on tap at your favorite bar or on the shelves of your local bottle shop.

Kirsch Gose, described by Wine Enthusiast as “lively, bright and extremely effervescent…with raging acidity and a hint of salinity holding onto the finish,” is a tart, cherry (Kirsch is German for cherry) modern interpretation on a German style that goes back to the 1500s. Sour Monkey is a tangy twist on Golden Monkey made with non-standard yeast varieties that make it particularly funky.

Kirsch Gose will be available on draft and on shelves April 1, but Sour Monkey won’t be out until July 1st. That’s okay though—it will be worth the wait. This is just the second year the sours are being released and were a huge success last year during the warmer months.

Victory Brewing [official]