The Dirt: What To Get At The Farmers Market This Weekend

Yes, there is another flower show in town: The gorgeous Macy's Spring 2015 Flower Show is offering a series of events this week. Stop by this Wednesday at 1 pm for a seminar with floral designer Yoli Lagurerre (complete with tea and snacks) and this Thursday, create your own arrangement during a crafting session starting at 5pm. Of course, don't forget to take in the blooms throughout the store. Runs through April 4th, various times, free, Macy's, 1300 Market Street.

This week I was all ready to go on and on about how the last of winter isn’t so bad, about how you’ve got Saint Patrick’s day to look forward to, about kale and potatoes and meaty, stick-to-your-ribs things like colcannon and sausages. Apparently, this week had other plans for me–for us, really. Irrepressibly warm, sunshine-flooded days the likes of which we don’t typically see until well into April, or sometimes even May. Is it global warming? Probably. Still, it’s kind of great nonetheless. A fitting way to ring in the early arrival of the season is to put on a t-shirt and walk yourself to the local market. Not only will walking mean that you can reduce your carbon footprint, it’ll also allow you to enjoy the sights and smells of a city coming out of hibernation a little earlier than usual.

Plants & Flowers– Tomorrow Rittenhouse welcome back two of their most beloved vendors of flowers and plants for the first time this year! Triple Tree Flowers and Petal Plants & Flowers will both join the line-up of vendors at market tomorrow.

Spring Cleaning Supplies – Open those windows, shake out your bedding, and get vacuuming because warm weather means a fresh start for your body and your home, alike. Care to do your spring cleaning with locally made, all natural, sustainable products? Stop by Tandi’s Naturals at Rittenhouse. There you’ll be able to get their handmade laundry detergent, dish soap, and scouring powder, along with their line of handcrafted soaps for your skin.

Honey – Warm days mean that the honeybees are coming out of their hives after their own hibernation. They’re taking exploratory flights, scouting out what’s starting to bloom, getting a little something to drink and maybe a bite to eat if they find some of the early crocuses around, and gearing up for the busy season ahead. Pick up a little of last-year’s honey harvest from Tassot Apiaries at Rittenhouse or Landisdale at Clark Park.

Trout – Ready to shake off the rich braises and stews for something a little lighter? Stop by Brogue Hydroponics at the FitlerSquare market. They have brook trout that they raise in a closed, aquaponic system, which is one of the most sustainable ways to farm-raise fish. Plus? They also have juicy watercress if you need some fresh greens in your system.