Two New Ways To Eat Dinner At Heritage

Chef's board at Heritage

Chef’s board at Heritage

Trey Popp loved Heritage when he reviewed it back in August of last year–giving plenty of love to the jazz program, but also to chef Sean Magee‘s rich, well-curated menu of properly modern plates that completely eschew any notion of bar food in favor of complex, filling, often locally-sourced fare. It got three stars then, and from the looks of things, Magee and his crew haven’t lost a step since.

We’ll start with the mildly interesting new thing first, then get to the good stuff.

Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Heritage is offering a “Chef’s Board” for $25. This is basically a shareable, oversized appetizer plate, filled with whatever the hell Magee and his team feel like putting on it–pickles and roasted vegetables, charcuterie, the usual suspects. That picture up top? That’s what it looks like.

Now here’s the better deal.

On Thursdays, Heritage is offering a six-course chef’s tasting menu for $50. This is one of those deals where Magee and his crew are (literally) making it up as they go along, cooking individual menus for each person who orders it, with no dishes just lifted off the regular menu (unless requested). And let’s look at these two things for a minute. Granted, you’re always taking a bit of a risk with any omakase-style experience, but to me, six courses for $50 is better than a big appetizer for $25 any day of the week.

Though, in this case, just on Thursdays I guess.

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