Weckerly’s and Birchrun Hills Farms Offering Cheesy Ice Cream Sandwiches


Ko Ko Blue and Fat Cat’s Creamsicle ice cream sandwiches. Only through the weekend.

Ice cream and cheese: both are tasty, but have you had them together? If not, now’s your chance— Best of Philly winning Weckerly’s Ice Cream and Birchrun Hills Farm have teamed up to create two limited run cheese ice cream sandwiches: Ko Ko Blue and Fat Cat’s Creamsicle. Available exclusively through Di Bruno Bros.

Ko Ko Blue is made of Dominican chocolate ice cream with Birchrun Hills blue cheese and candied walnuts in between two bourbon brown sugar cookies, and Fat Cat’s Creamsicle is a completely different taste with two layers of Birchrun Fat Cat cheese ice cream, an orange marmalade in the middle, and a shortbread cookie on the top and bottom.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get our hands on the Ko Ko Blue, but we did get to try the Fat Cat’s Creamsicle, which is pretty good, but we couldn’t decide if we’d rather just have a regular ice cream sandwich.

If you want to try these for yourself, they are available at Di Bruno Brothers (all locations but the original) today, tomorrow, and Sunday (the last day they’ll be out). On Saturday, Co-owner of Weckerly’s, Andy Satinsky, will be at Di Bruno’s Rittenhouse location handing out samples.

I know, cheese and ice cream might sound a little weird—maybe even unsettling—but hey, ice cream and cheese are both great.

Di Bruno Bros. [Official]
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