More Pizza News: Pizza For People Who Love Cheesesteaks

Also cheesesteaks for people who love French food.

Pat's Steak owner Frank Olivieri is all whizzed up over recent reports about his restaurant's cleanliness.

There’s two pieces of news here, variously involving pizzas, cheesesteaks, hot dogs, and combinations thereof. But both stories are connected by one man: Frank Olivieri of Pat’s King Of Steaks.

First, there’s this: On Thursday, February 18, Pat’s is hosting its third guest chef. This time around it’s Robert Amar of Underdogs, who’ll be in the kitchen at Pat’s with Olivieri from 3-6pm. They’re going to be making “Cheesesteaks Au Poivre” (ribeye Steak, St. Andre triple cream brie, mushroom brandy cream sauce with green peppercorns, all topped off with fried onion strings and served on Aversa Bakery rolls) and selling them for $10 apiece, with all sales from the sandwiches going to AIM Academy–a school serving children between first and twelfth grade with learning differences.

Nice right?

Two days later, Olivieri is going to be heading across the river to Lambertville, New Jersey where he’ll be the guest chef at Liberty Hall Pizza. He’s doing two different pies for the event–Pat’s King of Steaks Mushroom Cheese Steak Pizza with Kennett Square mushrooms, caramelized onions and a secret cheese sauce (Mmmm… Secret cheese); and a White Arugula Pizza with arugula pesto, prosciutto and Calabrian peppers.

Olivieri will be in the kitchen at Liberty Hall on Saturday, February 20th. And while the whole menu will be available, this is the only chance you’ll have to see whether or not Olivieri can hack it as a pizzaiolo.

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