An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party At Barbuzzo

wine valentine barbuzzoEarlier, we told you all about things to do on (or before) Valentine’s Day with an eye towards those who will actually be celebrating the day. We also gave you a whole bunch of places to score candy that’s better than the heart-shaped chocolate samplers you can score at the CVS when you (inevitably) forget all about Valentine’s Day until the last minute.

But what about a little something for those doing their best to NOT celebrate an invented holiday which primarily benefits greeting card companies and the purveyors of gas station bouquets?

If an anti-Vday party sounds more like your jam, then we’ve got just the event for you. Upstairs at Barbuzzo, they’re celebrating a “Wine Is My Valentine” dinner–a $40 prix fixe featuring too much wine, too many carbs and an opportunity to “indulge in all things too garlicky, too messy and totally unromantic.”

The details: It’s a $40, 4-course prix fixe with $40 bottle of wine and a couple special anti-Valentines Day cocktails for $10. Dinner starts with charcuterie and cheese, then whipped sheep’s milk ricotta with grilled country bread, and a winter citrus and avocado salad for the table. After that? Bucatini with pork cheek, garlic and chile, followed by red wine braised shortrib with more garlic, brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes.

Dessert is salted caramel budino or double-chocolate cake filled with peanut butter. Because seriously, who’s gonna love you more than you already love cake, right?

Reservations are needed for this one, and can be made by email only. Get yours at

Barbuzzo [f8b8z]