Opa Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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Spanakopita: spinach, kefalotiri & feta cheese, house made filo

Spanakopita: spinach, kefalotiri and feta cheese, house made filo

Owners George and Vasiliki Tsiouris and chef Bobby Saritsoglou are celebrating the fifth anniversary of Midtown Village’s Opa[1] today with a special menu of $5 bites and drinks all day.

The menu includes favorites like hummus with yellow fava bean puree, slow cook roast pork and spanakopita stuffed with spinach, kefalotiri and feta cheese.

Drink deals are also available including:

The specials are available all day as is the rest of Opa’s menu of Greek dishes.

opa 5 year menu[2]

Opa anniversary menu.

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