Six Pack: Best Popcorn In Philadelphia


Bacon Grease Popcorn at the Khyber Pass Pub.

Having snack options at the movies other than popcorn are great, but popcorn is still our snack of choice. And since it is National Popcorn Day, we figured it was a good day to list our favorites.

Here are our votes for best popcorn in Philadelphia.

Truffle Butter and Parmesan Popcorn

The Royal Tavern has had their truffle butter and parmesan popcorn on its menu for years but it is still as satisfying as the first time we stuffed our hand into that bag.

Royal Tavern
937 E Passyunk Avenue (Bella Vista)

Benton’s Bacon Grease Popcorn

How do you improve upon truffle butter and parmesan popcorn? Well when the team behind the Royal’s popcorn revamped the Khyber Pass Pub they knew bacon was the answer. The bacon grease popcorn with cajun seasoning is as spicy as it is addictive.

Khyber Pass Pub
56 S 2nd Street (Old City)

It’s Vegan Popcorn at Local 44

The fryers at Local 44 use soy oil so the popcorn comes out vegan. And with nutritional yeast, sea salt and olive oil, your meat eater friend won’t even mind.

Local 44
4333 Spruce Street (West Philadelphia)

Popcorn at Forest & Main

The bacon popcorn at Forest & Main is raved about my everyone. But there’s also sweet and spicy, dill and nutritional yeast and parmesan with black pepper. All are worth  smuggling in bags to the awesome Ambler Theater.

Forest & Main (Montgomery County)
61 N Main Street, Ambler, PA
(215) 542-1776

Popcorn and Go-Go

The Trestle Inn is definitely a throwback and something about munching on popcorn while go-go dancer gyrate just works. The mix of rosemary and parmesan makes it a six-pack pick.

The Trestle Inn
339 N 11th Street

The Popcorn Is Complimentary at the Twisted Tail

Settle in with some bourbon at the Twisted Tail and munch on the complimentary popcorn drizzled with rosemary bacon drippings.

The Twisted Tail
509 South 2nd Street (Queen Village)

Bonus: Make Your Own Popcorn

Making your own popcorn on the stovetop is one life’s simple pleasures. Start with the popcorn kernels at Kensington Quarters and then use this fool-safe method of popping perfect popcorn. Raid the spice cabinet to take your popcorn to the next level, or do what I do and douse the popcorn with Sriracha, butter and parmesan.