Bud & Marilyn’s Now Has Its Own Whiskey

The bar at Bud & Marilyn’s is already amply stocked with a signature beer from Yards: Bud’s Best Pale Ale. And now it looks like beverage manager Terence Lewis (who’s in charge of the booze for all Marcie Turney and Val Safran’s restaurants) is going to get to bulk up the namesake supplies with a new brown liquor: Bud’s Best Bourbon–a months-long collaboration with Pittsburgh-based craft whiskey distiller Wigle Whiskey.

Here’s what they’re saying about the stuff:

It was Wigle Whiskey’s cask number 495 and was barreled in a 15 gallon white oak barrel with a char level three in April of 2014, putting it at 18 months in the small barrel. This batch was comprised of 70% Organic Wapsie Valley Corn from Weatherbury Farm in Washington PA; 16% Organic Soft Winter Wheat from Oechsner Farms in Enfield New York; and the balance of grain was Organic Malted Barley from Chilton, WI. This batch was distilled to 145 proof, but it was bottled at 90 proof.

More importantly, Bud’s Best Bourbon is now available behind the bar at Bud & Marilyn’s (and Barbuzzo) for you small-batch connoisseurs looking to get a taste.

Here’s what the bottles look like, complete with their caricatures of Turney’s grandfather, Bud Briese, on the label.

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